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Surgical orthodontic treatment is a type of oral and maxillofacial surgery that can help with problems like severe alignment issues or jaw abnormalities. At Millennium Park Orthodontics in Chicago, expert orthodontist Howard Spector, DDS, performs surgical orthodontic treatment that’s customized for your specific needs to give you a healthy straight smile for a lifetime. Book now through the online tool or by phone.

Surgical Orthodontic Treatment Q & A

What is surgical orthodontic treatment?

Surgical orthodontic treatment repairs facial and jawbone abnormalities. In many cases, facial and jawbone malformation can create problems with all of the following.

  • Eating
  • Speaking
  • Breathing
  • Sleeping

In addition to that, facial and jawbone abnormalities can cause serious teeth alignment issues, which is a cosmetic concern for many young people and adults alike.

Am I a good candidate for surgical orthodontic treatment?

In most cases, the best candidates for surgical orthodontic treatment are finished growing. This typically means that older teens and adults may be a good fit for surgical orthodontic treatment. It's important that your face and jawbones are fully developed because a growth spurt could undo the correction.

If your child needs surgical orthodontic treatment, but they're still too young, they can still get their teeth straightened through braces or other methods. The corrective surgery can follow later.

What will my surgical orthodontic treatment include?

Your surgery depends on what kind of malformation you have. Dr. Spector can shift the jaw forward, backward, up, or down, as needed. In some cases, he may need to add extra bone to support the surgical changes. This bone can come from either your own body or from a donor, depending on your needs and the situation.

When your surgical orthodontic treatment is complete, you'll need a healing period as determined by Dr. Spector. This may take a month or two, but it varies widely depending on your specific situation.

If you had braces or another orthodontic device before your surgery, you'll continue to wear them for the time period specified by Dr. Spector.

How long will my complete orthodontic treatment plan take?

That can vary widely from one patient to the next, but in general, comprehensive orthodontic treatment plans that include surgery and teeth straightening can take a few years.

The average time for adults to wear braces is anywhere from 18 months to three years, and for teens, the average is around two years. Recovery from orthodontic surgery can add several months to that time.

Dr. Spector will discuss the treatment timeline with you prior to starting your complete orthodontic treatment plan.

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