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Digital imaging is a world apart from the old X-rays from past decades. With the state-of-the-art digital imaging at Millennium Park Orthodontics in Chicago, Howard Spector, DDS, can make the most accurate diagnosis so he can suggest the orthodontic treatment best suited for your particular needs. Book your appointment online or by phone today.

Digital Imaging Q & A

When is digital imaging necessary?

Digital imaging is an important diagnostic and planning tool today, but Millennium Park Orthodontics uses digital imaging only when it's needed. After your oral exam, Dr. Spector may need digital X-rays to get a more in-depth look at the layout of your mouth, including the roots and jaw structure.

If you have a history of oral disease, digital X-rays are especially important because Dr. Spector needs to see the entire structure of all of your teeth in order to predict how orthodontic care will change it.

Digital imaging is also very important when it comes to early orthodontic care. With these early scans, Dr. Spector can accurately predict what kind of orthodontic treatment your child needs to avoid more serious orthodontic issues later in life.

How does a digital inner-mouth scan work?

Digital scans are very simple. Dr. Spector or a trained orthodontic assistant scans your mouth, using a handheld wand. This technology allows for a comfortable and complete scan of the inner mouth. Usually, a digital scan takes only a few minutes and is completely pain free. There’s no messy mold to worry about, and Dr. Spector gets the most accurate scan possible this way.

How does the orthodontist plan my treatment?

Dr. Spector compiles all of the data, including your digital imaging results and his notes from your oral exams, to make a diagnosis of your orthodontic issues. You'll discuss the different treatment options, which includes cost, approximate duration of treatment, and other important things to know.

Dr. Spector can make recommendations, but you get to make the final decision about orthodontic treatment yourself. After all, it's your mouth and your treatment plan. The Millennium Park Orthodontics team provides support and guidance at all points throughout your treatment process.

How long until I can start treatment after doing my digital imaging?

If you're anxious to get started on your treatment, it's often quite possible to do so right away. Sometimes, you can even take the first steps in the braces or other teeth straightening process the same day that you have your digital imaging.

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