You’re Never Too Old for Braces

If you missed the braces boat as a child, or your teeth have shifted with age, getting braces as an adult is easier and more popular than ever. In fact, over 1.2 million adults in the United States have braces at any given time — which represents 20% of the braces-wearing total. And the numbers are even higher in our practice, as 50% of our orthodontic patients are adults.

At Millennium Park Orthodontics, we provide orthodontic solutions for patients of all ages at our Chicago practice located in The Loop. Straight teeth are giving adults a great reason to smile with renewed confidence.

Too late to the party?

In our experience, we’ve often found that adults who have crooked teeth or malocclusions (bites that don’t match up) simply resign themselves to their problem, assuming they’re too late to the braces party. This is patently untrue, and there are more options than ever to help our adult patients get the straight teeth they’ve always wanted.

Yes, getting braces at an earlier age does provide some advantages, as we tackle the problem during your developmental phase and before your teeth settle into place. That said, whether you’re younger or older, braces work incrementally, so even more stubborn adult teeth move quite readily with a little push in the right direction.

Options for adults

If you look back through your yearbook, you’ll likely see dozens of smiles filled with metal braces, which is a look you may want to relegate to those awkward years of youth. We understand that which is why we offer several solutions that work well for more adult considerations, in effect making braces more boardroom-friendly than homeroom-friendly.

Let’s start with our Invisalign® solution, which relies on clear aligners to straighten out your teeth. The Invisalign system is extremely popular among adults because of its barely-there appearance, which means you can smile with confidence during the entire straightening process.

Every week or two, you receive new aligners, which you simply swap out with your old ones. These aligners keep your teeth moving toward your goals, and they should be worn for about 22 hours a day. The beauty of Invisalign is that you can remove the aligners for eating and cleaning (and that very important meeting with a client) and simply pop them back in when you’re done.

Another great solution is our ceramic braces. Rather than metal brackets on top of each tooth, the brackets are made from ceramic that mimics your tooth’s natural coloring better. As well, we can place a white wire across the front to further camouflage your braces.

Lastly, we offer lingual braces, which go on the backsides of your teeth, leaving the front surfaces of your teeth free from any metal.

A straighter road

The timeline to straighter teeth depends upon the extent of the straightening that’s required and which system you pick. To get you started, we offer computerized visual imaging, which is an advanced X-ray imaging system that helps us plan orthodontic treatments. Using this imaging, we can see which braces will tackle your problem best, and we can also give you an idea of what the end result will look like.

Once we decide on the right solution for your crooked teeth, we get you set up and on the road to straighter teeth as quickly as possible. Most of our systems are designed to work within 1-3 years, again depending upon your unique situation.

If you’d like to hit the reset button on your teeth with adult braces, please give us a call or use the online scheduling tool on this website to set up a consultation.

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