How Digital Imaging Can Benefit Your Dental Health

Since X-rays were first discovered in 1895 and used for dental purposes shortly thereafter, they have become a vital part of dental and orthodontic treatment.

However, since the advent of digital technology, imaging has taken a giant leap forward in terms of how it benefits dental health. At Millennium Park Orthodontics in Chicago, Howard Spector, DDS, and his team stay on the forefront of treatment advances with state-of-the-art digital imaging technology. Here’s how digital imaging can benefit you.

How does digital imaging work?

The first step in any treatment plan is to perform an oral exam. After this, Dr. Spector may decide that he needs digital imaging to get a more in-depth look at your mouth, including the structure of your bone tissue and roots of your teeth.

A member of our team then scans the inside of your mouth using a handheld wand. The process is safe, comfortable, and pain-free. We don’t need to take any messy, goopy molds that you have to bite into, which you may have experienced in the past. We just perform a quick scan and you’re done.

The digital images then feed directly into a computer, where Dr. Spector examines them and determines your best treatment option for the dental challenge you’re facing.

How does digital imaging improve treatment?

The digital imaging process can benefit you in numerous ways. Here are some of them: 


The first benefit is speed. The digital images come back instantly. You don’t have to wait for the X-ray to turn out or for molds to set. You have the images immediately, and you can progress directly to your treatment plan. In some cases, you can even begin the first steps of your treatment the same day!


Because the images are captured digitally instead of with an X-ray, they have a much higher resolution. This gives Dr. Spector more accurate information. The images can also be enlarged, so he can zoom in on potential problems.


With improved information, this can lead to a more accurate diagnosis. The digital images can show hidden problems that didn’t show up during the oral exam, such as pockets of decay, bone issues, or other problems. And a better diagnosis can result in a more effective and efficient treatment, which can save you time and money.


The images can also be easily accessed in the future as you progress through your treatment plan. This can show you how far you‘ve come as well as the effectiveness of your treatment.

If you need orthodontic treatment, Dr. Spector can give you the smile of your dreams. To learn more, book an appointment over the phone with Millennium Park Orthodontics today.

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