Dental X-rays Have Come a Long Way: Check Out Digital Imaging

Did you know the health of your mouth affects your overall well-being? Dental X-rays are an important piece of the puzzle to help orthodontists plan the best course of treatment for your optimal oral health. Thanks to modern dental technology, getting dental images is easier and safer than ever.

At Millenium Park Orthodontics in Chicago, we’re committed to providing you and your family the best in oral care. Howard E. Spector, DDS uses state-of-the-art technology, like digital and computerized visual imaging, that inform treatment plans to straighten your teeth and improve your overall oral health.

We’d like to share this information about the benefits of digital dental imaging and how it helps us provide you with the best orthodontic care possible. 

What digital dental imaging is and why it’s better

Like traditional dental X-rays, digital dental imaging captures images of your teeth. But that’s where the similarity ends. Digital imaging uses a handheld scanner to take a comfortable and complete image of the entire mouth. The entire process is usually completed in minutes.

At Millennium Park Orthodontics, we use digital imaging as an important diagnostic and planning tool. During your oral exam, Dr. Spector evaluates your teeth and uses digital imaging to provide a complete picture of your mouth, including your jaw structure and tooth roots. 

Dr. Spector uses digital imaging to better understand how your orthodontics will affect the structure of your teeth. Computer visual imaging is an important tool that allows him to visualize various options for your orthodontic treatment and choose the one that will give you the best results.  

With younger children, the detailed information gathered from digital imaging helps avoid serious issues and orthodontic complications as they grow. Since Dr. Spector gains a whole-picture view of the mouth’s structures, he can predict the type of orthodontic treatment needed to keep your child’s mouth healthy.

What are the benefits of digital imaging?

There’s no doubt that the latest and most state-of-the-art digital imaging technology helps give you the best orthodontic care possible. Here are some benefits you’ll experience with digital dental imaging: 

Less radiation

All radiography uses radiation to deliver images of internal structures. But with digital imaging, you receive 90% less radiation than with traditional dental X-rays. 

Higher-quality images

Digital imaging delivers better images than traditional film X-rays. Digital images can be manipulated to allow Dr. Spector to more accurately investigate any problem areas, including those in early stages, to provide you with the best care possible. 

More comfortable process

With digital dental image scanning, you can say goodbye to the plastic or cardboard pieces you have to bite down on with traditional X-rays. Digital imaging provides better images without uncomfortable plastic that pokes at your cheeks, tongue, and gums. 

Provides the big picture

Digital images provide more detail and are easier to store and share, allowing Dr. Spector to see the big picture of your oral structures. This ensures you receive the best diagnosis and treatment plan possible. 

At Millenium Park Orthodontics, your health and comfort is our primary concern. To schedule an appointment for orthodontic care, contact our office today at 312-726-9528.

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